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Nicaragua Trip 2014

Nicaragua 2014

This year Premier 18-Onitsuka and 18-Antare will be flying to Managua, Nicaragua from March 27 - April 3rd.  They will be competing with the youth national team of Nicargua as well as other local teams.  Aside from volleyball, players will be engaging in local activities, taking in local culture, working on charitable causes and spending time together in a great team bonding experience. 

While any international trip is unforgettable, taking an international trip with a team creates a great sense of unity, a shared experience and will create lasting memories for all of those involved.  It also allows for players to experience things and cultures that they may not otherwise get to experience otherwise.  We are excited to track their progress and see how much fun and learning they get to experience!

We also understand that we are often coming from a position of privilege and that we have many opportunities that many others may not have. When we are down in Nicaragua we will be engaging in many forms of charity from spending time with those less fortunate to raising their spirits through sport and competition. We are also looking forward to bringing aid and supplies to those most in need, especially the youth of the area.

Below is a suggested list of donations that we can take with us on the trip to donate in the local schools in the cities that we will compete in.  Anything you can bring on this list will help the local children

Volleyball nets
Volleyballs (beach & indoor)
Full sets of uniforms (any sport)
Any type of sporting equipment (all types of balls, wooden baseball bats, gloves, etc.)
Backpacks for school kids *this is one of the things most in need
Pencil sharpeners
Markers & Crayons
Books in Spanish
Children’s books in English and Spanish
Math & English workbooks (the types that you can cheaply buy from any drug store and allows kids to practice   math problems in the book)
Dry erase markers & Erasers
Old laptop computers or tablets for the classroom

Quick Facts

Capital: Managua

Official Language: Spanish

President: Daniel Ortega

Area: 50,193 square miles

Population: 6,071,045 (2012 census)

Currency: Cordoba 

Exchange Rate: 1 US Dollar = 24.56 Cordobas





Email Chad Rutkowski with questions or with how you can help in terms of donations.