S1 Oct 5-Dec 21

S2 Jan 4-Apr 5


$440 4s

$540 6s
12-14 Matches per session
Hired Officials



Team captain registration opens approximately 3 weeks prior to the start of the league. Captains must enter a team into the league 4 days prior to the first day of the league start to avoid a late entry fee.

Team captains must choose a team name upon registration and pay in full at the time of registration.  Teams that have sponsors must still register and pay in full and we will then refund the league fee to the team captain once we receive the sponsor’s payment in full.  Teams cannot compete unless league fees are paid in full. Please note, that online registration does assess a cc processing fee.

Individuals register for a team roster online. Individuals must know at the time of registration the name of the team they are registering for in order to be placed on a team roster. Individuals can no longer register in person.

Captains may request Bye weeks for their teams but must do so upon entering the league via the online registration. Teams that do request Bye weeks cannot be guaranteed to receive all of their league matches, but we will do our best if the Bye week request is included in the registration.

Captains may denote roster/match conflicts for their players but must denote that in the registration form upon registering their team. Roster conflict requests (ex. players play on multiple teams on the same night) are allowed as long as there is only one direct conflict per team.  An example permitted would be the following: Team A has 2 players that play on Team X on the same night. This would be permitted and we can do our best work around that on the schedule. An example that would NOT be permitted would be the following: Team A has 2 players that play on Team X. Team X registers and denotes that they have a player playing on Team C. This would not be permitted because we can’t work around a triple team conflict on the schedule.

All players, including substitute players, are required to be familiar with all league rules.

Team Captains are the only team members that will receive league information and updates and captains are required to pass all information onto their teammates and substitutes. Correspondence with the league director is only permitted by team captains


All members of a team must be registered with that team. Teams may register up to 2 substitute players per roster, or use any player from another team in the league to sub, as long as they are registered to a team. 


Schedules and standings are posted on the Premier Academy website under adult leagues. Schedules are posted approximately 3 days prior to the first league night for the first week only. After all teams have entered the league (late entries possibly taken) the majority of future weeks are then posted online, excluding play-off matches.

It is the responsibility of all players to know what time their team plays and to be on time. We suggest all captains check the online schedule prior to play to ensure no changes have been made.

Any match forfeit will result in a disqualification of the forfeiting team from league tournament playoffs. More than one match forfeit can result in the team being removed from the league.

Gender requirements for each league are the following:

  • Intermediate & Power 4s: No male/female requirement

  • Coed Intermediate 6’s: No more than 4 males playing



Standings for all teams are located on the Premier Academy website.

Win/Loss record is calculated using total set percentage (each set counts) for standings

When a team is tied in sets for and sets against, the tie breaker is head to head results during league

If a team notices an error in the league standings, they should notify us immediately via email


To be an eligible player on a roster for play-off tournament play, a player must have checked in and competed for that team during the regular season a minimum of one match prior to play-offs. Checking in to play on the correct team each night is essential for players to be recorded

The number of teams entered in a league determines if the league will have a play-off bracket, play-off pool, challenge match, or simply a round robin format with no play-off. For some leagues, prizes are awarded to both the regular season winners and also the Play-off bracket winners. This is determined by the total number of teams in the league.

If a league does not have a play-off bracket/pool/challenge match, and instead has a round robin format throughout the league, the play-off league roster rules will be applied to all matches played in the last two weeks of that league play.  This means that new players that have not played in at least one match within the current session, cannot participate in the last two weeks of matches. This rule applies to all teams regardless of the team’s standings entering the least two weeks of play


All teams must be ready to begin on time! Teams must have the correct number of players/gender of players (when applicable) to at the start of the game.

Failure to have the correct players at the start of the game results in the game starting as scheduled with the players that are present. Matches can and will start with as few as 2 players present.

4 minutes is scheduled on the clock for each match prior to the start time listed for each match. This 4 minute warm up is shared court time between both teams at the same time. Teams may use this time to ball handle, attack, serve, etc. but must share the court with the opposing team. Once the 4 minute clock has expired, warm-ups are concluded and teams are no longer permitted to warm-up, even if late to the court.

Teams must be ready to start play at the schedule match time and all warm-ups must have concluded prior this time. This exception to this rule is when prior matches are still being played on the same court. If this happens, the 4 minute warm up clock will begin immediately following that match ending.

All warm-up balls must be cleared from the court by the players prior to the start of play.

Any team with less than 2 players, therefore not ready to play at the scheduled match time, is assessed 1 point per minute for the 1st set of the match up to 15 points (15 minutes). Once it reaches 15 minutes, the all 3 sets are considered completed by forfeit.

If a team forfeits based on the rule above, they should refer to the league forfeit rule that applies to teams being affected in play-offs.

All games will use rally scoring – every serve/side-out is a point.

Each match consists of 3 straight sets.

Each set is played to 25 points, with a 27-point cap.

1 (30) second time out per team per set is permitted.

2 minutes is scheduled between sets 1-2 and 2-3.


Premier Academy general facility rules are posted in clear site of all players at the entrance and around the facility. All facility rules must be adhered to and any violating person risks being removed from the facility.

All personal belongings of league players must be placed on the shelves located on the south wall of the facility at all times. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We also have lockers located in the women’s restroom for females to bring their own lock and utilize the lockers during league play.

All children that are in the facility during league play must be chaperoned by a non-playing adult at all times. Players cannot bring children to leagues and participate in the league while children are left in the bleachers for any reason.


The team that serves 1st is decided at the start of the 1st set by the official and then rotates per set

The ball is put into play by the serve which must originate behind the end line.

Contact with the net by a player is only permitted at the top of the net, at the tape. 

Players may cross the center line of play as long as some part of the body is still remaining in contact with the court on their side. Exception: When a player crosses the center line during play and interferes with the opponent.

Players may not pursue the ball outside of the playing area or step onto any adjacent court before or after contacting the ball, regardless of whether or not there is play on the other court.

The ball may be hit a maximum of three times on each side of the net.

The ball may not be caught or thrown.

The ball may not be contacted twice in one motion (i.e. double contact). Exception: A player may double contact the ball in one motion on the 1st contact.

A player may not contact a ball twice in succession. Exception: A player who has just blocked (blocks do not count as a contact).

The receiving team must pass or set the ball on the serve, no blocking or attacking of the serve is permitted.

In blocking, a player may touch the ball beyond the net, provided that he/she does not interfere with the opponent’s play before or during the latter’s attack hit.

If a back row player in the front zone contacts the ball when the ball is entirely higher than the top of the net, it is an illegal back row attack if the ball crosses completely beyond the net plane or is legally touched by the opponent. If a back row player near the net is reaching above the top of the net and the ball is blocked or hit back into them, it is an illegal back row block.

Replays may only be awarded if: 1) the errant ball interferes, or has the potential to interfere with the play; or 2) there is a concern for player safety.


Each league has its own set of playing rules and see below for the major rule differences for each league. If you have questions on a particular league rule, please ask your league director for clarity


  • Referees provided

  • Played on a 7’11” net height

  • Any combination of 4 males/females on the court at all times

  • Rotation is not necessary as long as the serve is rotated in service order

  • Open handed tipping is not allowed

  • Set-overs must go in a direction perpendicular to the setter’s body. That is, setters may not angle their set over the net. For clarification purposes, the ball must start and end within the shoulder blades of the player setting the ball if the ball goes over the net during the set.

Coed 6s

  • Referees provided

  • Played on a 7’11” net height

  • No more than 4 males playing

  • Rotation is necessary by all players in service order