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The Northwest Ohio In-House League runs for 3 sessions. Teams do not need any affiliation (AAU/JVA/USA) to complete in the league. Team may enter the league by clicking on the link below. Entry fee is $400 per team per session. Teams compete on Monday evenings; Each team ideally plays 2 matches per week (4 sets), for 6 consecutive weeks. Anytime we go over or under 12 teams in a division, teams will skip a week of play. All league matches are officiated by HS or College players. Match times are between 4:30-9:15 PM. 3/4 Graders will play during the earlier times, approx 4:30-6:30 PM. HS matches are typically the later times.

2023 FALL - Sept 18 thru Oct 23
Location: TVC (5/6th matches) & Premier (3/4th & 7/8th matches)
3/4 Grade | 5/6 Grade | 7/8 Grade

2024 WINTER - Jan thru Mar TBD
Location: Premier-all matches
2 Sundays, overflow & snow days for matches
3/4 Grade | 5/6 Grade | 7/8 Grade | HS Grades


2024 SPRING - Apr & May TBD
Location: Premier-all matches
1 Sunday, overflow matches3/4 Grade | 5/6 Grade | 7/8 Grade | HS Grades

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